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My name is Nelson and I'm a certified horticulturist and member of the Ontario College of Trades. 


I offer a variety of plant focused services here, including landscape consultation and design, garden installation and maintenance and interior plant styling.

I hope to collaborate with you to create your dream green space. 





"Nelson Converso is a free spirit, sharing his landscape visions with clients . He approaches each project with a maturity level beyond his years, honed by his horticultural education and years of personal and professional experience . His level of sensitivity and sophistication allow him to understand and exceed his clients’ expectations in fresh and exciting ways."

- Rick DaPonte, 2021

"Nelson is amazing at what he does, he is extremely creative and the knowledge he has of his craft is so vast. We also love learning so much from him!


As he plans and helps you with your garden, he explains everything and he really considers the individual and their lifestyle. He knew we needed a more low maintenance garden and helped us plan something with beautiful perennials that he knew we could maintain. We recommend him to many friends and family as we know the outcome will always be something you will love!"

- Laura Suriano, 2021

"Nelson is incredibly informed in his landscaping practice. He efficiently assesses all projects with a precise eye and will always do what is best for his clients and their property. I’ve added some photos of his property (was lucky enough to visit!) and the beautiful selection of plants and florals he has curated through the years.

He also came by to my property in Mississauga last summer and helped me carefully identify plants or weeds and then curate our large front and back yards. His informed advice was so helpful for our gardens and we’re so happy with the results!"

 - Candace Cosentino, 2021

"Nelson is an excellent gardener whose knowledge base superseded all expectation I had for our initial consultation. His professionalism and ability to bring suggestions to fruition was unlike any other experience. Looking forward to having him and hopefully a budding team come back to create even more sustainable lush garden spaces."

- Helen Oriel, 2021

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Tel: (416) 732-4549

Toronto and GTA

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